The Power of Fun | Price, Catherine

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Lange Beschreibung
If you re not having fun, you re not fully living. The author of How to Break Up with Your Phone makes the case that, far from being frivolous, fun is actually critical to our well-being and shows us how to have more of it.

This delightful book might just be what we need to start flourishing. #1 New York Times bestselling author Adam Grant

Journalist and screen/life balance expert Catherine Price argues persuasively that our always-on, tech-addicted lifestyles have led us to obsess over intangible concepts such as happiness while obscuring the fact that real happiness lies in the everyday experience of fun. We often think of fun as indulgent, even immature and selfish. We claim to not have time for it, even as we find hours a day for what Price calls Fake Fun bingeing on television, doomscrolling the news, or posting photos to social media, all in hopes of filling some of the emptiness we feel inside..

In this follow-up to her hit book, How to Break Up with Your Phone, Price makes the case that True Fun which she defines as the magical confluence of playfulness, connection, and flow will give us the fulfillment we so desperately seek. If you use True Fun as your compass, you will be happier and healthier. You will be more productive, less resentful, and less stressed. You will have more energy. You will find community and a sense of purpose. You will stop languishing and start flourishing. And best of all? You ll enjoy the process.

Weaving together scientific research with personal experience, Price reveals the surprising mental, physical, and cognitive benefits of fun, and offers a practical, personalized plan for how we can achieve better screen/life balance and attract more True Fun into our daily lives without feeling overwhelmed.

Groundbreaking, eye-opening, and packed with useful advice, The Power of Fun won t just change the way you think about fun. It will bring you back to life.

If you feel like modern adulthood has sucked the fun out of your life, you ll find hope in these pages. With clarity and levity, Catherine Price illuminates why our days are so dull and how we can have more play and more joy. Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

This is a practical, evidence-backed plan for how to create True Fun in our lives, and an argument that fun isn t optional, but essential. Charles Duhigg, author of the New York Times bestsellers The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better

Building on the central idea of How to Break Up With Your Phone that our lives are what we pay attention to The Power of Fun takes things a step further by helping us identify what we want to pay attention to, with the ultimate goal of helping us to feel more alive. Inspirational, funny, research-packed, and full of practical strategies, The Power of Fun is a game-changer. Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global

Catherine Price helped me work through my dysfunctional relationship with my smartphone. Now she s again making my life better. A.J. Jacobs, New York Times bestselling author of The Year of Living Biblically

Fun isn t nice to have it s a must-have in a burned-out world. Eve Rodsky, New York Times bestselling author of Fair Play

The Power of Fun is an essential guide for anyone who can t quite remember what it s like to experience joy and who wants to learn how fun can point the way to a happier, healthier, more energetic, and purpose-driven life. Laurie Santos, host of the podcast The Happiness Lab

Charming . . . Price s advice on how to stop doom-scrolling and engage in fun, even in small steps, is engaging and will attract readers. Library Journal (starred review)

Joy seekers are encouraged to ditch their devices and rediscover delight in this antidote to modern malaise. . . . With screen time and burnout now fixtures of modern life, this is a timely reminder of the value of reprioritizing. Publishers Weekly


When is the last time you had fun?

I m serious. Think about it. When s the last time you felt exhilarated and lighthearted? When s the last time you didn t feel judged, by yourself or other people? When s the last time you were engaged, focused, and completely present, undistracted by thoughts about the future or the past? When s the last time you felt free? When s the last time you felt alive?
Maybe you were laughing with a friend. Maybe you were exploring a new place. Maybe you were being slightly rebellious. Maybe you were trying something for the first time. Maybe you felt an unexpected sense of connection. Regardless of the activity, the result was the same: You laughed and smiled. You felt liberated from your responsibilities. When it was over, the experience left you energized, nourished, and refreshed.
If you are having trouble thinking of a recent moment that fits that description, I hear you. Until recently, I didn t feel like I was having much fun myself.
And then two things happened that transformed me.
The first occurred as a result of the birth of my daughter. After years of debating whether to have a child, followed by more than a year of trying, I became pregnant in the middle of 2014. Instead of expressing our nesting instincts through reasonable, small-scale projects, like closet organization or rethinking our spice rack, my husband and I decided that my pregnancy would be the ideal time to embark upon a full kitchen renovation as in, one that involved ripping the room down to the studs and removing the back wall of our house in the middle of an East Coast January.
With a shared love of creative projects (and control), we also decided to design it ourselves. In my husband s case, this resulted in him spending hours researching kitchen faucets. In my case, it meant figuring out how to incorporate salvaged architectural elements into the kitchen, such as a mirrored Victorian armoire front that I had found in a dead neighbor s basement (long story) that I decided would make a perfect façade for a cookbook case and pull-out pantry.
I also spent hours on eBay searching for interesting details that we could add to the kitchen, a quest that left my search history littered with entries such as vintage drawer pull and antique Eastlake door hinge 3x3. (Even today, my eBay watch list still includes items such as Victorian Fancy Stick and Ball Oak Fretwork or Gingerbread original finish and Old Chrome Art-Deco Vacant Engaged Toilet Bathroom Lock Bolt Indicator Door. )
As my belly grew bigger and our house colder, we had a running joke with our contractors who by that point had become friends about which project would be finished first, the kitchen or my pregnancy. It turned out that I won that contest, not because they were slow, but because I had an emergency C-section five and a half weeks before my due date. Eventually the kitchen renovation was finished, the armoire front became the pantry façade of my dreams, and I could finally stop my eBay searches.
Except I didn t stop. Even though I no longer had any plausible excuse for spending thirty minutes at a time trawling through listings for antique door hardware, I still found myself picking up my phone and opening eBay on autopilot, often during middle-of-the-night feeding sessions with my daughter. I d cuddle her in one arm and hold my phone with the other, using my thumb to scroll. It didn t matter that all of the doors in our house already had knobs and hinges. I was searching for architectural salvage in the same way that other people consume social media: eyes glazed, hypnotized by the stream of images on my screen. The photos were less glamorous, but the compuls


Kartoniert / Broschiert
Price, Catherine
Community, Balance, Motivation
Penguin Random House

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