Your own platform with atalanda technology

Your own platform with atalanda technology

atalanda also makes its complete IT technology available as Software as a Service (SaaS). Our multi-vendor platform is ideal for brands, associations, cities, countries and other partners who want to operate a platform with stationary shops under their own label.

Our building blocks for your high-performance platform

With over 200 different functions, the platform connects stationary shops with the Internet. Our developers are happy to adapt the fusion of online and offline to the special needs of our customers.

Company profile

The company profile summarizes all information such as address, opening hours, brochures, pictures, videos, 360-degree images and listed brands of a supplier. The data can be synchronized with Google and social media.

Online Shops

All participants can post and sell products online. Customers can search platform-wide and, thanks to cross-dealer shopping baskets, can buy from several dealers at the same time.

Data transformer

Our system can process all formats of the most diverse merchandise management systems (ERP). Thus, the stock levels are permanently and automatically updated in the background.

Synchronization with other platforms

Why maintain the data manually on different platforms? atalanda synchronizes the profile and product data with Google My Business and Facebook.

Logistics management

Multiple logistics services with different prices, time slots and delivery areas can be managed for each dealer and each city. It is also possible to connect local couriers for Same Day Delivery.

Voucher system

The atalanda voucher system is fully digitalised and automated. It covers all areas of application from city vouchers and branch vouchers to employer vouchers or retailer-specific vouchers.

Digital Signage

With digital signage from atalanda, you can play out the most important offers on displays in the local shops. The content can be defined manually using a light CMS or automatically. Central control across many stores is also possible.

Newsletter system

atalanda sends fully automated newsletters to end customers to present the latest or most popular content on the platform. Of course, the content can be controlled via a CMS.

What is "White Label"?

White Label means that you are the operator of the new platform. We provide the technology and the know-how. All customer relationships are yours. Of course, you can customize the user interfaces like logo, colors, fonts and all texts.

Further highlights

With more than eight years of experience in the field of Local Commere, atalanda is one of the leading providers in Europe. We share our know-how and experience from many projects without restriction with our licensees.

Platform-wide search & shopping cart

The customer can search and filter all contents platform-wide and purchase the products cross-dealer. In the background, the purchase is then divided into different purchase contracts between the individual dealers and the customer.

Bafin-compliant payment processing

The payment transactions are of course Bafin-compliant with the help of a worldwide known payment service provider.

Automatic accounting & billing

All processes for billing, invoicing and transfers are automated.


The platform is designed for multilingual applications. Automated translation of product data is also possible through the deep integration of external artificial intelligence ( DeepL ).

Professional Hosting

The hosting is provided by AWS, one of the largest hosting service providers in the world. Our customers can decide in which countries the data should be primarily located and as backup.

Combined local SEO power

The atalanda technology is designed to achieve top rankings in local search queries on behalf of customers.

GraphQL Interface

Using the state of the art GraphQL interface, data can be exchanged easily and quickly between external platforms and the atalanda components. This allows our customers to develop their own applications and integrate them into the system.

Legal documents

We cooperate with experienced lawyers regarding local commerce platforms. We are also happy to provide you with general terms and conditions and other documents as templates.

Consulting & Cooperations

We are one of the leading specialists for local commerce. Our entire know-how and experience is available to our clients without restriction. In addition, we already have many cooperations from all facets of local commerce (e.g. product data, marketing, merchandise management systems, logistics, etc.), which we would be happy to incorporate into our cooperation with you.

Trainings & Support

atalanda is also happy to take over the training and education of the participating companies as well as the ongoing support for end customers by telephone and email. We can also hold webinars or provide online tutorials.

Trainings & Support

atalanda is also happy to take over the training and education of the participating companies as well as the ongoing support for end customers by telephone and email. We can also hold webinars or provide online tutorials.

Why not develop it yourself?


With the extensive atalanda technology you can start within a few days without any development and time risks.

Low investment

Our setup costs are only a fraction of the investment you would have to make to build such a platform yourself.

Permanent development

Every day, atalanda's technology receives 5-10 updates which are automatically made available to all our customers.


The Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg and an association of several municipalities have founded the platform atalanda supplies the entire technology.

Nussbaum Medien has opened a platform including a cashback program for local businesses in Baden Württemberg using atalanda technology.